What's Happening in Mobile Marketing?
Take control of your local business listings.
Introducing Gator Local – Local Listing Management
When a potential customer is searching for information regarding your business, is the correct information coming up in their search
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Website Design with FREE SEO Services
What good is having a great website if nobody CAN FIND IT? Free SEO Services from purplegator It continues to
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KPIs for mobile campaigns
Creating KPIs for Mobile Marketing Programs
Key performance indicators for mobile marketing campaigns must be made in advance, be easy to evaluate, and must give results
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Learn About Mobile Marketing & Increase Your Bottom Line
It’s on your nightstand every night. It’s becoming your primary device. It’s your smartphone. Mobile devices are landing in the
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What Are Super Bowl Ads Worth?
With the big game looming, we thought we’d take a minute to talk Super Bowl advertising. Yes, the reach of
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mobile digital agency Purplegator
Top Digital Advertising Agency Debut
Purplegator to Debut at LMC Annual Meeting in New Orleans King of Prussia, PA – Purplegator, a mobile-first digital agency, will
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Find Tenants Online
The way people shop has changed, as has the way they research making big purchases and commitments has changed. In
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Marketing Metrics For the Savvy Marketing Expert
Marketing Metrics for the New Year First, from the Purplegator family to yours, Happy New Year! As we all prepare
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Location Based Marketing Gives You The Competitive Edge
Location Based Marketing Delivers Better Results. Period. It might sound too good to be true, but the fact is, mobile advertising
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mobile marketing class University of Denver
Mobile Marketing Statistics 2017
The Most Important Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2017 Every year, Bob Bentz prepares his analysis of the most important mobile
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Video Matters Most
No video? No teeth! Our client, a startup that specializes in short-term business lending, needed to put together a video
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Social Mobile Recruiting
Social Mobile Advertising as a Recruiting Tool If you are an HR Manager, a Talent Acquisition Manager or just the person
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geo-targeting restaurants
How Does Mobile Geo-Targeting Work?
Consumers Hate Geo-Targeting. Marketers Love It! When I mention geo-targeting, people often ask: “How do you figure out where a
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mobile video advertising
Mobile Motion Pictures to be the Digital Star of 2017
Why should you prioritize mobile video for your next campaign? If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is
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trade show mobile advertisement
How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
Reach trade show attendees on their mobile phones – Your message on the move. I’ve attended numerous trade shows.  And, there
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Hire truck drivers
How To Hire Truck Drivers
Did you know there’s a shortage of 89,000 truck drivers in the United States? Did you know that the gap
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How to Hire Nurses
Were you aware that according to Health Affairs, the leading journal of health policy thought and research, the nursing shortage
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History of the Mobile Phone
Tracking the most important innovations in mobile phone technology – Pre-mobile, when it was just a dream: William Rae Young
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How to Make More Dough with Mobile Marketing
How pizza restaurants can make more dough with mobile marketing. Spontaneity drives restaurant visits – Deciding when and where to eat
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How to Recruit Truck Drivers
The trucking industry is stepping on the gas – and not letting up! Last year the trucking industry generated $700.4
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Free Advertising…
Is free no more. And that’s ok. Paying for ads on Facebook is a good idea. Boosted posts are not
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